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As the Director of Development & Physical Production, Heather Hentila works in synergy with Vanessa Silva, the Director of Creative & Technical Production. Heather oversees the development and physical production of all projects and co-leads Footlight Studios' day-to-day operations.

The Director of Development & Physical Production is the driving force in identifying, developing and green lighting ideas and concepts for projects, and is responsible for overseeing overall production plans. In addition, Heather provides guidance on all creative, casting, design, and narrative decisions, and develops and maintains relationships with industry personnel.



Heather Hentila graduated from Penn State with a degree in Psychology while attending a regional performance academy for acting. Upon graduation, Heather joined Vanessa Silva in developing Footlight Entertainment, and subsequently Footlight Studios. As performers, they had the vision of creating relevant and complex characters they not only wanted to portray as actors, but to be able to see more of in series and films. And as filmmakers, they aimed to produce innovative and impactful projects that entertain, inspire, inform, and captivate.
In front of the camera, Heather has appeared and starred in various commercials, stage productions, web series, episodic television and films. In addition to regional performance academies, she has trained with The Groundlings for improvisation and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for performance and instruction. She also has training in firearms with former members of the United States Marine Corp.

Behind the camera, with a background in
psychology, business, operations, and management, she leads Development & Physical Production for Footlight Studios and is the driving force in developing, generating, procuring, and creating new concepts for live action films or series that are aligned with company wide storytelling strategy and trans-media efforts. 


Heather's experience as an actor, writer, producer, camera operator, and director gives her a unique viewpoint to oversee the full production of projects from conception through post-production, from a physical production standpoint. She is also a proud member of the International Screenwriters Association, Digital Cinema Society, PANO, and Women in Media.

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